Membership forms the 2019 season are now availiable!

Here is our 2019 Membership form!

If you're new, welcome!

For your first year at GBP we offer a discounted trail membership. This membership waives your something something fees. This membership also offers you all of the same benefits as our full family memberships, but for a discounted price.

Single and monthly memberships:

If the trial family memberhsip isn't what you're looking for we stil have plenty of options for you!

Our single membership is availiable to any one person at household 16 and older. (On or after May 26th)

Our monthly memberships are available for June, July and August. They grant full access to the facilities for the months that are paid.

For more information and to submit your membership for 2019 follow the link below:

Memberships can now be paid through PayPal:

Membership Options

Rules and regulations:

The pool has a strict set of rules and regulations that are expected to be followed when on the property. You've agreed to follow these rules and to the final authority of the lifegaurds on duty when you signed your membership form.

Rules at GBP
email us with your questions or concerns